Permanent Hair Transplant Method

Most of the people think that baldness is a hereditary problem and there is no way to check hair loss. A non balanced diet, insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, and UV radiations are the most probable causes of hair loss. However, the basic method of preventing hair loss is to take care of your hair. If you are suffering from baldness you can consider going for a permanent hair transplant with consultation of an expert.

What is permanent hair transplant?

Permanent hair transplant is one of the most popular surgical ways to restore hair. In the process of permanent hair transplant surgeons take a required quantity of hair from the back and sides of your head and implant them on the area of your head where hair loss is most severe.

Different methods of permanent hair transplant:

1. Strip method of Follicular Unit Transplantation: This is the most popular method of permanent hair transplant because it is the least expensive method. In a strip method a small piece of skin is removed from that region of head where hair growth is rich. Then, this area is sutured. After this, the donor strip is divided in small individual hair groups. Thousands of small slits are made in the bald area and unit hair groupings are placed into them. Vitamin supplements and volumizing shampoos are recommended. haartransplantation Frankfurt You can use creams to remove rash from the donor area of head. The hair transplant cost is comparatively high in this case.

2. Follicular Unit Extraction method of Permanent Hair Transplant: Follicular units are extracted from tiny puncture holes of the donor area. After this, the extracted tiny follicles are placed in the bald area of the head. After a few months new hair start growing from the transplanted area. Follicular unit extraction method is an affordable hair transplant method. In this process hair transplant cost is comparatively less.Often, 3 to 5 transplant sessions are required, with the cost ranging from $4000 to $1000. Curly and wavy hair looks denser and requires less hair transplant session to achieve a cosmetically acceptable look.