How to Trim Your Pubic Hair Safely

In general, men usually trim their pubic area for hygiene purposes or for sex appeal. Nowadays, it has become a popular trend for men to remove their pubic hair completely. To be frank, the pubic region is considered a sensitive area. The main concern here is how to get rid of the hair tactfully and safely without feeling much pain. Hence, it is indeed important for the men to get some basic knowledge before they start trimming the hair.

First of all, let’s see what we can make use of to remove the hair. You can find special razors in the market. They have been specifically developed to shave male pubic hair. Besides razors, you may use manicure scissors. Furthermore, you can also find special powders which are formulated to reduce the itch of the public area after shaving.

Next, after getting ready the tool and powder, Chemical guys trim gel you can get yourself ready to shave. For easy disposal of your pubic hair, you are suggested to go through the trimming process in the bathroom. You need to decide how much hair you wish to remove. Do you want to get rid of it completely or partially? If this is your first time and you are uncertain, you may try to remove a small portion first. You can remove the rest later.

Now, you need to learn the right technique. If you choose to shave with razor, you should first run warm water over your pubic region. Then, lather the area generously with shaving gel and start shaving. After that, rinse the shaved area with water.

If you choose to trim with scissors, it will be proper for you to pinch your pubic hair on the far left side between your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Then you pull the hair away from your body. After that, you should slip the small scissors between your fingers and your skin. Snip off the amount of hair based on your needs. Do the same accordingly. You can use the same method to trim the hair on your scrotum but you need to be extra careful with each snip of the scissors. Extra care must be taken especially when you are trimming around your genitals. Make sure no skin is cut accidentally. Check whether there is any uneven area after you finish trimming with mirror. Sometimes, you may miss out those hard-to-reach places.

Last but not the least; you are suggested to apply some aloe gel to the shaved areas in order to avoid irritation. Frankly speaking, you may have bad experience after the first time trimming because you may find it extremely itchy as your hair grows back. Don’t worry. Just continue applying aloe gel or talcum powder to reduce the itch. For your information, the more often you trim your hair, the less it will itch.